Calvin & Hobbes Epilog — Extra Bacon!

Calvin & Hobbes Epilog — Extra Bacon! July 22, 2012

I’m just going to go ahead and assume everybody in the known Universe knew about this. That’s the way these things usually work when I “discover” something especially delightful. If there was a Last to Know Club, I would be elected president by popular acclaim.

I’m also going to assume you are a Calvin & Hobbes fan, because, hey, if you’re not, you’re dead to me.

But! In 2011, years after Bill Watterson stopped doing Calvin & Hobbes, a couple of brothers doing a comic named Pants are Overrated did just these four strips of Calvin’s life 26 years later.

In their visioning of the story, Calvin married Susie Derkins and they have a little girl named Bacon.

Before you say anything, yes, there’s a copyright violation issue and probably everybody involved knows it. On the other hand, they did only these four strips, and they actually got it pretty close to right.

Just wanted you to know I loved seeing it, and if you DIDN’T know about it, maybe you’ll like these too.

Hobbes and Bacon 1

Hobbes and Bacon 2

Hobbes and Bacon 3

Hobbes and Bacon 4

I like that last one especially because it looks like Calvinball will be passed on to a new generation.



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