Reason Rally Pics: Assholes

Reason Rally Pics: Assholes June 5, 2016

Religious evangelists flocked to Reason Rally like pedophiles to a Chuck E. Cheese ball pit.

And yes, I call them Assholes. The first second I saw ’em when I got there Saturday morning, I thought “Yeah, you assholes just COULDN’T stay home and let us have our event. You HAD TO be here, didn’t you, trying to spoil it.”

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The “” banner was allegedly the work of Ray Comfort. I didn’t see him there, but I did see some of the Atheist Movie posse cruising around, slipping up close to the stage. One of the volunteers politely asked them to leave, and when they refused, said “You can either move along or I can call security and have you removed.” They stood there adamantly, and she walked off to get help. I never did see what happened.

When I was walking back to my car late in the day, I passed by a guy with a mike and a shoulder mounted bullhorn, shouting “REPENT! FORGODSOLOVEDTHEWORLD! MASTURBATION!” and other nonsense, in a machine-gun delivery that neither required nor allowed any response. He was right next to the crosswalk so every group of pedestrians was forced to breathe in his stinking rant like secondhand smoke from a noxious cigar.  In the year 2016, in Washington DC, religious crazies are alive and well.

I saw atheists politely talking to some of them, but I didn’t drive 800 miles round-trip in 24 hours in order to listen to stinking lies I saw through more than forty years ago.


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