A return to A Convergence of Thought

A return to A Convergence of Thought August 12, 2019

I’ve been away from this column for a little more than six months.  For the few of you who previously knew of its existence and were excited about it being something, I am sorry I have not lived up to the expectations.

Today, I am making a recommitment to it.  Starting this week, I will post a column each week related to my confusing and oft-times multifaceted experience of religious, secular, and spiritual identities and the world I live into as an agnostic clergy and higher education professional.

Each week, I’ll be interested in exploring together with you the important work of the progressive Christian church as well as other religious traditions around the world.  Additionally, we’ll explore places where spirituality and spiritual equity work need be incorporated, including in the business and public sector.  And we’ll explore together the important areas of work I have dedicated my life to including politics, social justice, counseling, psychology, and social work.

For those who wonder what I have been up to for the last few months, I want to let you know it’s been a journey.  The journey includes love found, love lost, and all things in-between.  It also includes finishing my dissertation, building Convergence, the organization I love and founded, and beginning to make some decisions around how to provide consultation services to organizations around development, strategic planning, and non-profit efforts.

As you come back to this work with me, I invite you to share what I write about with colleagues, friends, and help me grow this. I’m not sure exactly what will come, but I know I’m grateful for this platform.



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