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Editor's Picks

Unfundamentalist Christians

An Inappropriate Christmas

The geneaology of Jesus includes women-- a rarity for an ancient geneaology. What's even more interesting is who those women were, and how they lived their lives.

Thoughtful Pastor

The Truth About the Future of the United Methodist Church

What's the future of the United Methodist Church? There isn't a future. 

Faith Forward

First Sunday of Advent: Infertility & Waiting on Jesus

Advent is all about waiting. Here's the story of one person's waiting and their experience with infertility.

Sarcastic Lutheran

You Know What Sounds Awesome About Now? A Good, Juicy Apocalypse: An Advent Sermon

You know what sounds awesome about now, is a good juicy apocalypse. Because what the hell has 2016 been if not apocalyptic?

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BEN-HUR 2016 Trailer | Paramount Pictures
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