When the Secret is Removed from “Society.”

When the Secret is Removed from “Society.” January 15, 2024

When secrets are removed from social “societies,” the fraternal order’s menacing implications diminish. It’s like watching a horror movie without sound. Any tritone compositions evoking fright are excluded. Without elicitation of fear, or its potentiality, control over the viewer’s emotions elusively dissolve. Those orders functioning in obscurity germinate trepidation through enigmas. This is why civilians and tinted windows have been an ongoing contention for police units employing  similar tactics to remain hidden, or separate themselves, from the public. In order to control the masses, government structures have had to shroud themselves in secrecy. Privacy has also maintained officials’ safety. As a former member of an academic sorority, I remember the pressure to keep secret handshakes hidden and the chapter’s confidentialities from unraveling in preservation of their image.

In 2024, the internet is burgeoning with videos exposing alleged ills of the entertainment industry, industry parties, and unlikely celebs intersecting with the church world. Katt Williams, a very vocal and renown comedian gave an eye-opening interview on Club Shay Shay a podcast hosted by Shannon Sharpe, former NFL great/sports analyst, that grossed over 30 million views. During the interview, Katt calls several comedians to the carpet on topics ranging from black male comedians in drag to the alleged theft of comedic material. Two of the comedians accused of allegedly issuing fictitious statements concerning Katt Williams have a large Christian fan base: Rickey Smiley who claims he was supposed to play “Money Mike” in the movie Friday After Next instead of Katt Williams, and Steve Harvey, who assures fans he received four haircuts a week and did not sport a man unit while on the Steve Harvey Show.

What sets Katt Williams apart from other potential whistleblowers is his stance on Jesus Christ and the Illuminati. Katt unabashedly proclaims that the powers that be “are not powerful,” and that “Satan can’t create blessings for his people.” The controversial comedian further suggests there are only two sides in the world “God’s side…”  or the other side, and if one is not with God, he must be siding with the dark kingdom. According to Katt, there is no happy medium. No lukewarmness to straddle. About two-thirds into the interview, he professes his love for the Ancient of Days in the form of Jesus Christ without hesitation. As The Lord’s return nears, we are seeing more celebrities turning towards Jesus. With those in the industry onboarding to their newly found salvation, will we witness an upending of secret societies as we know them? Only time and hidden tunnels will tell.


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