Affirmations to live-by for the Year of 2024

Affirmations to live-by for the Year of 2024 January 3, 2024

My hand plunged into the plastic dispenser filled with pre-printed affirmations pulling a single folded paper segment from its container. Employing two hands, I peeled it open. The paper revealed the following words: “I am deserving of success and abundance in all aspects of life.” The confirming contents trigged an inner awareness as the statement closely aligned with prophetic declarations ushered across TikTok over the past several weeks by content creators and preachers. Below, I share ten of my favorite declarations. It is my hope these words invigorate your spirit for a Happy 2024!

  1. Upgrade: Ryan K. Holly Jr. 
  2. Net Breaking Season: Fuel for the journey
  3. Unbreakable: The Sis You Need
  4. Victory is yours!: Humblyquis
  5. God’s Glory Cloud: Lesley Osei
  6. Expectation & Recovery: Humblyquis
  7. Success: Pastor Dwight Jr.
  8. Financial Increase: Dr. Gwendolyn B-Ponyo
  9.  Abundance: Bishop Kevin Foreman
  10. Restored & Called: Linderia Watts-Mobley

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