The Ravens

Many of the articles on this site make mention of the Northeast Heathen Community, which is one of the oldest, largest, and most tightly-knit groups of heathens in the US. It’s mentioned frequently not just because of Lea’s incredible experiences with its members but also to serve as a beacon of hope to those who are seeking out communities of their own. Heathenry is a very social lifestyle at its core, and the opportunity to meet with and forge friendships with other heathens helps to strengthen our bonds with our gods.

The Northeast Heathen Community is an inclusive community: we have members of all races, backgrounds, physical abilities, sexual orientations and gender identities. We credit our strength and longevity as a community to the gloriously diverse makeup of our membership.

It’s considerably easier to find community in some areas of the United States than others. The sad truth is that a number of racists and white supremacists have co-opted many heathen symbols and some even claim to be heathen or Asatru. It’s highly recommended to meet with other heathens in a public place so you can get a feel for whether or not they hold bigoted views before inviting them to your homes and weaving your Wyrd with them. In the Northeast, we favor Pubmoots to both socialize and to vet newcomers: it’s always a treat to converge on a restaurant or brewery and indulge in good food, good drinks, and good conversation. This allows for newcomers to meet others in a safe, friendly atmosphere without intimidation while feeling each other out for compatible views and ideas.

The Troth is a great resource for finding inclusive heathens in your area.

Declaration 127 can be a useful tool to find groups as well.

The Heathens Against Hate group on Facebook is another forum in which you can vet books, websites, and organizations as well as meet like-minded heathens in your corner of the fjords.