A Real Woman

A Real Woman April 7, 2016
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I can feel your disgust


As your fingers slide down my

Voluptuous curves

You want the impossible

Or at least the unrealistic

But I will never let

Your Photoshopped fantasy

Make me ashamed

Because I am a real woman

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"LOVE THIS! love you!"

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  • Yes indeed. Photoshop is one of my least favourite inventions ever. ti has robbed so many people of the joy of being because although it has a purpose, it has become an unattainable. Authenticity is beautiful.

    • I don’t hate Photoshop. But I hate when it’s done to women. Taking away a blemish is one thing. Eliminating my delicious curves is another.

  • Julia O’Neill

    Yes, Yes, Yes, and more Yes!! You ROCK!

  • Hey. As a guy, I think the poem is confusing.

    It makes me sad to think that you think people look at you in disgust.

    if you are with a man that thinks that, then you need to drop that piece of shit and find someone who will love you for your mind AND body.

    You want to know what I think when I see that picture at the top? “Nice boobs! I bet the rest of her looks just as good.”

    • Sadly, this kind of thing happens way too often, and not just to me.

      And thanks, I DO have nice boobs!

  • This is so poignant and genuine! To me it is a prime example of how fewer words can have a huge impact!

    • Thank you!

      I keep wondering if I should go back and add more, but it doesn’t need it.

  • Brian Gronberg

    One of the many unintended developments of media culture (ranging from radio to the Internet) is that certain standards of beauty are not only established, but moreover are continually reinforced into the minds of individuals of all genders. It binds women to unrealistic standards of physical appearance and it, to a much lesser extent, binds men to only find themselves in relationships with women who meet these standards.

    Sadly, of course, it’s a mere facsimile. Even if beauty were somehow able to be reduced to mere appearance, individuals cannot capture that precisely because of its artificiality. I think we’re aware of this too, even if pre-consciously.

    Thank you for drawing attention to this particular matter and for including yourself in the art you create.

    • There are reports of this going on since the invention of popular photography. Women would see cartes de visite of showgirls and whatnot and the race was on.

      Thank you for your thoughtful and complimentary comments.

  • Bill Banet

    Cindy, what a thoughtful, heartfelt verse. Beauty, in my opinion, is found in our reality. Nature produces stunning examples if we are aware enough to see them. Your photo celebrates this nicely. Cheers to you.

  • My natural question, of course, is, if he finds you so disgusting, why the hell is he still running his hands down your curves? Hands off, asshole.

    I was just reading today an article about Jennifer Lawrence talking about reminding ourselves what “normal” looks like, that we’ve been calibrated badly by photoshop and the underweight “ideal.” I’ve always believed that healthy women have curves…except for those with non-curvy body types, I suppose…LOL…(but non-curvy does not equate to underweight).

    • Oh, he’s not. This happened a while ago and it won’t happen again.