Spring April 27, 2016
Just peeking up.


Today is chilly and overcast and that feels like my life right now.

Maybe that’s like your life, too.

Trees are leafing, tulips blooming, baby birds are hatching. It’s supposed to be spring, but it doesn’t feel like it. It’s not winter, but it’s not spring. It’s… blergh.

Every magazine cover hints at New Possibilities! Fresh Opportunities!

But I feel stuck in the Miasma of Mediocrity. Not leafing, blooming, or hatching.

But it’s coming. I know it. The whisper of hope says, “Behold! I am making all things new.”

The shoots are just under the surface. The eggs are being laid. The buds are tight, but not dead.

Late bloomer!

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[Photo credit: Author’s private collection.]

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  • This is so encouraging. I definitely relate to those times when it feels like spring will never come, but it’s so true that often in those times God is at work, beneath the surface, making something beautiful that will be seen in time.

    • I’m so glad you’re encouraged. Writing this was the most encouraging thing I’ve felt in a while.

  • Miasma of mediocrity. Nice alliterative phrase we can all relate to. We had steaming cups of tomato soup with our grilled cheese for lunch, and most of the day I have been under a blanket looking out at a very grey day. But we know spring is coming. Your message today made me happy. It was full of hope.

    • I’m so glad you’re happy!

      What is it about tomato soup and cheese sandwiches on gray days? We had EXACTLY the same thing for lunch! The yellow color of the cheese was the brightest thing yet today. But the sun does look like it’s peeking through.

  • This was lovely and we are waiting for Spring, whether in our yards or in our hearts. Hang in there, God is at work.

    • Yes, God is always working. Sometimes God is working hardest when we see it the least.

  • Shall I confess? I haven’t really gotten out of bed yet today. I’m longing for warmth–not hot, but warmth, enough to have my coffee on the deck and bring the hummingbirds to the feeder. We definitely do not have that, and even though next week is supposed to be the start of the tulip festival, I can’t imagine it has been warm enough. I’m feeling a similar longing for spring.

    Then, I catch glimpse of a crocus, and every time I do, I know–it’s one more spring for Crystal, and I am encouraged. Hang in there, Cynthia. It’s one more spring for you, too. It’s just taking it’s time this year.

    • If I wouldn’t have had to take my step-mother to the doctor this morning at 8:30, I definitely wouldn’t have gotten out of bed. This was a sleepy day. All of us took naps this afternoon!

  • Oh, if not for that whisper of hope sometimes. It’s chilly and overcast here today and I just want to climb under the covers. The birds are still singing and my tiny garden is still growing, so I suppose I can at least try. Thanks for this!

    • Today was even colder and more rainy than yesterday. It’s hard to be expectant, when everything seems to point in the opposite direction, but it’s coming.

  • Oh, this could give me a little hope even in the dead of winter. Beautiful and succinct and yet, much to consider.

  • There is something truly powerful and fitting about the word “blergh.”

  • Bill

    You may crush us and break us at will,

    But forgiveness may hide in a grief;

    Forgiveness! sweet unction of fragrance,

    Bruised from a geranium leaf. – Sophia May Eckley

    Oh and see my personal IM I sent you on google hangouts

  • This is lovely, Cynthia. I totally understand the waiting for spring to become obvious. Around here, I look for the very faint patina of green on the branches of barren trees for my clue that spring is almost upon us. Even though I know the eruption of flowering trees will send me scarpering for the tissue box, there’s something about watching those tight buds begin to unfold that makes my heart sing, that gives me a little courage to wait a little longer and not yield to cynicism.

  • I enjoyed reading the connection between human feelings or wellness and nature. It’s a topic well studied with significant implications! Spring is right around the corner. Soon a magnificent array of color will abound!

  • Oh, I think we all can relate. But spring growth is relentless, because it’s real. On it comes, regardless of how I’m feeling. Kind of like hope…

    Thanks for the reminder, Cynthia.