A wonderfully close imitation

A wonderfully close imitation June 27, 2015

Although wealth may not bring happiness

I ran across this statement today in Patrick O’Brian‘s book H.M.S. Surprise (an Aubrey/Maturin novel) and I just thought it was delightful. I made a meme of it and am sharing with you!

"Nice update you gat here..thanks for sharing"

Melting pot, or salad bar?
"LOVE THIS! love you!"

Jesus Is My Plumber
"sigh... here is the definition of oligarchy from Merriam-Webster: Definition of oligarchy plural oligarchies1: government ..."

Inaugural Poem for Donald Trump
"45.9% of the voting public is rule by oligarchy? Seriously?It would be oligarchy if only ..."

Inaugural Poem for Donald Trump

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