Clean Eating Challenge: Day One

Clean Eating Challenge: Day One May 20, 2014


This was my day. Downton Abbey: The Kale Episode. Everyone in the kitchen is taking holiday, leaving two scullery maids to do all the work. (Including washing the family’s seventeen dishes over and over and over and over and over.) Due to war rationing, there is nothing to eat but kale.

Kale. For every meal. And almond butter. Mostly kale.

Did I mention we had to continually wash dishes.

I’m exhausted. More tomorrow.

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  • Denise Jackson

    You had me at Downton Abbey! 😉 You are so funny. I hope you grow to enjoy this CLEAN eating.

  • pioneercynthia

    We really need a bigger kitchen. Or more pots and pans. Or both.

    Or a cook.

  • Wish I could join you & Phia!!! Sounds delightful. Can we bring in a Thomas and Branson??

    • pioneercynthia

      Hahaha! Liz, you’re so funny, and you would be welcome to join us any time. Sophia (and I) want to know who Thomas and Branson are…? Such a mystery!

      • pioneercynthia

        Oh my goodness! I totally forgot. (Clearly, it’s been too long since I’ve seen that show.) I won’t have Thomas, good looking or not. He would probably steal my fennel and replace it with something inedible. What I’d love is that giant cutting board/table they have running through the middle of the kitchen. That would be lovely.

        • I can’t seem to get anyone on Team Thomas with me ……. somehow I feel like he has to be good deep down inside!! We could manage to keep an eye on our fennel if it meant we got to look at his face, right? They do have quite a setup in that kitchen. Envious indeed.

  • Those dashing fellows from Downton of course!!! I know Thomas is rather smarmy, but he is so dang good-looking I find myself constantly looking past it.