Deep Thoughts

Deep Thoughts December 1, 2015

AWIB-ISAW: The Well at Kom Ombo A deep well at the Ptolemaic temple at Kom Ombo, which functioned as a nilometer. The well is also thought to have been used in the ritual worship of the crocodile. by Iris Fernandez (2009) copyright: 2009 Iris Fernandez (used with permission) photographed place: Omboi (Kom Ombo) [] Published by the Institute for the Study of the Ancient World as part of the Ancient World Image Bank (AWIB). Further information: [].
Photo credit: Flickr

Advent is hitting me hard this year. God is calling me deeper.

There’s a hymn entitled “There’s a Wideness in God’s Mercy,” but for me, there’s a deepness. I’m through with the shallow stuff.

God is giving me many graces now, and I do not deserve them. Perhaps it is God’s way of redeeming the years that the locusts of depression devoured. I don’t know. I can only say, with a heart filled with love overflowing, “Thank you.” I am easily overcome by tears these days, but they are happy tears, tears that well up in thanksgiving and joy. I am consumed by hearing the sounds of the everyday world around me and lifting everything to the One Who is the Source of All Joy.

There are few words to describe my feelings. It’s not an ecstasy, by any means, though I am delighted. It is certainly a consolation to feel such.

Why now? Who cares? Not I. I am only grateful.

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