Flea spray, and ‘fridges, and files, oh my! (Part II)

Flea spray, and ‘fridges, and files, oh my! (Part II) September 1, 2009

Such a week, and now it’s Tuesday!

Dumpster chair Okay, I promised that I’d put in a picture of the chairs I got from the dumpster. I took the upholstery off because it smelled pretty nasty, and I didn’t want it in my house. So, it’s a naked chair. But how cool! It’s got springs, and it’s in quite good condition. So, bonus! I have two matching ones. I think there may be more stuff today, so I’ll have to look.

Instead of putting the futon back together, I stored the frame in my storage closet and put the futon on some milk crates in the living room for now. It’s actually sturdier than it was before. And, hey, if the place looks like a college dorm, well, that’s just practice for Sophia when she leaves next fall, right!

I also went ahead and boxed up four apple boxes of books that I’ve already catalogued. I can easily get to them if I need to, and now I have room for some more things on the shelves. I think I still need to get another bookshelf. Or four!

flea 2 I have to continue with the flea spraying, but I need to rearrange some more things. I want to do my mattress, and the rest of my bedroom, so the fleas don’t migrate. Some nasty facts about fleas include:

  • Fleas are excellent jumpers, leaping vertically up to seven inches and horizontally thirteen inches. (An equivalent hop for a human would be 250 feet vertically and 450 feet horizontally.)

  • However, completely developed adult fleas can live for several months without eating, so long as they do not emerge from their puparia.

  • Cat fleas may also serve as intermediary hosts of dog tapeworms. (Hmmm, is it true that getting a tapeworm is a speedy and all-natural weight loss aid? Supposedly, it IS!)


Click on the above picture to get more info on the “tapeworm diet.”
No, I’m not kidding, although I certainly do not endorse it.

In any event, I now have to do a bunch of filing, because the paper here is almost as bad as the books!

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