Goodwill Score!

Goodwill Score! April 9, 2011
Goodwill Industries 

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I Love Goodwill! I’ll say it again: I Love Goodwill! Honestly, I also love Salvation Army and Saint Vincent de Paul stores, and other thrift stores. But our local one is a Goodwill. I bet I go in every day for a week, but then it might be a couple weeks before I go back.

Maybe it’s because I never had a wedding shower or registered for getting married or anything, but sometimes I find myself lacking just those kind of things that people often receive for gifts—even if they don’t always want them or know what to do with them. For me, the latest incarnation of something that my life seems less complete without has been grapefruit spoons! It’s the kind of thing you don’t often see, and certainly the kind of thing I have no intention of paying a lot of money for. I don’t need them to be platinum with my initial engraved on the handles or anything. If you don’t know what grapefruit spoons are, and you eat grapefruit, you’re really missing out. They’re shaped like regular tea-spoons, but a little more pointy on the Grapefruit spoons 003end, with some slight serrations at the tip (see close up at right), which makes them just perfect for loosening the yummy grapefruit from in between the membranes! (Hmmm, that sounds grosser than it tastes.) It’s certainly possible to eat grapefruit with a regular spoon, and I have for a while now, but these spoons make me want to go out and get some grapefruit right now!

Grapefruit spoons 002So imagine my excitement when I found a cable tied wrapped bundle of seven for the lowly price of $.29! Yes, twenty-nine cents! Ahhh, the simple joys of eating utensils!

This post makes me feel like Martha Stewart! And that’s a good thing!

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