Hoosier Daddy?

Hoosier Daddy? July 28, 2015

Hang here for a while, child. I need some alone time.
Hang here for a while, child. I need some alone time.

Yesterday was the Zoo-Loo-Au at the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo, and because my daughter and I (and a guest, which was her beau) are members, we got a free picnic dinner (amazingly delicious grilled hot dog and chips and A POPSICLE) and time to hang out in the zoo after hours when it’s a lot less crowded.

I couldn't be more bored. Let me kiss my bebeh!
I couldn’t be more bored. Why is there no TV? Let me kiss my bebeh!

But the best part? When we went to the orangutan enclosure to see the new bebeh orangutan and watched the mother carry it around, and then, in a moment I wish, wish, wish I had caught on video to ensure my instant famousness as it would have gone viral, the mother went over to the large, disinterested, entirely-bored-looking male, disentangled the tiny thing from her fur and held it up to his face and HE KISSED IT!

A collective SQUEEEEEEEEE was uttered by EVERYONE watching. What a moment. LURVE!

Then she “reattached” the baby and swung around some more while everyone marveled in spasms of ecstasy and a feeling of oneness with all Animalia.

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