Getting Started

Getting Started July 27, 2015

I opened up the computer just now, because I wanted to get my writing in before noon. (This is my latest strategy in getting to write every day.) It was dead. Sigh… So, plugged it in and “resuming Windows” appears on the screen. So far, so good.

Then, because I’m back home, and connected to the Internet, I guess I have updates. No escape from that. Computer will restart after its done updating. Sigh… Okay.

Finally, I get back up and running, when I see that another program needs updating.


That’s happening now.

So… Back to square one. I really want to write this morning, so I’ve picked up my phone.

I will not be stopped. I will not be foiled by technology. I will do what it takes.

What will you do?

UPDATE: It took me five tries to upload this, because the Internet kept freaking out. Don’t quit. Just don’t.

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