The Man Who Falls in Love with Goddesses

The Man Who Falls in Love with Goddesses March 8, 2013

He never wants to fall in love; it’s just

That every once in a while She walks

Into his life, grows wings, bursts

Into flame, and then he knows

It’s Her, and he must love

As long as She decides to stay,

Whether a year, or just today.


Sometimes she doesn’t even know,

And there is no way to tell her; so

He works, and waits for the pain to end,

Knowing She’ll be back again.

But when she hears and can assent —

Yes she said Yes I will Yes! —

Flesh within flesh all prayer transcends;

He surrenders to the Goddess, drowns,

And somehow comes to life again

Between the mantra’s start and end.


And because old ladies will call it shame,

He gives her arms, gives her a name,

Ordains and sends her forth aware

That now she does the Lady’s will:

She will find men who worship Her,

Seduce them to the Craft, and send

Them forth to seek her out

On whom the Lady’s fire descends —

And then the dance begins again.


This is writ on a set of highway signs,

With secrets revealed in every line.

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