All the Prophets Say

All the prophets say we are deluded. We think we understand our selves, our minds,  the world that seems to be outside us, but, no, we don’t, and never know we don’t.   I can believe with Hopkins That there dwells down deep in us A freshness or a diamond. Perhaps many more have felt it Than I or anyone has guessed, but, not knowing its name, because It has no name, they speak of it Only to the very… Read more

Our Experiment in Religious Engineering

That’s what Geoff Baldwin called it, as our Neighborhood annual picnic evolved into A Pagan Occult Study and Dancing Society, Then into our Full Moon Coven. No one Could create our coven again unless They loved each other as we did, sometimes Physically—we hoped for sanity about sex—but especially because we cared about each other’s lives and intervened if that seemed needful. We were diverse: a Red-diaper baby, Recovering Catholics, several nonobservent, Jews—though Carol knew the Hebrew prayers. It wasn’t… Read more

On the Structure of Infinite Intelligence

As far as I know, Thomas Aquinas was to first to begin thinking about this kind of problem. I suspect that, before him, no one was able to formulate such a question, let alone begin the answer it. He was thinking about angels, more specifically about what we can deduce about the nature of intelligent nonphysical beings. He could see that, at minimum, physical existence requires existing at a physical location. We can tell two absolutely identical things apart simply… Read more

As If the Earth Were Hollow

As Professors James and Lewis said, each For a different reason, we humans always Get it all backwards, never understand What are our causes or our effects. That is, I know I am praying if I’m on my knees, Know I am sad if I’m crying: the tears Come first, the feelings later..   Perhaps, as Carl Jung knew, we see inside Out. Perhaps we live on the inner Surface of a hollow Earth Where light bends to fill our… Read more

How Many Angels?

Few these days remember to ask, How many angels can dance on the point of a pin? Angels have no more dimensions Than points in a line. They take up no space, Though they do take up time, No matter what number you pick, More angels always come to dance. Never make fun of those who ask How dimensionless points can add up to a line.   A woman mathematician once Took me out to lunch—because that’s The sort of… Read more

Announcing: The Road of Excess: Part I, To the Goddess.

The Road of Excess, as  the first installment of my autobiography, covers up to 1968. It is now available on Amazon as a paperback and as a Kindle e-book. It’s not easy to describe what’s in it. Isn’t it all about me? No, it’s not, being intellectual autobiography, in which my life is mostly a thread tying together the actual content. Details that would be of interest or importance only to my family I have left out. I was raised… Read more

The Way of Ecstasy

    So many saints, being professional Celibates, and such holy fools, believed We can awaken only by self-denial And pure, unfeeling thought, as if we were Angels, who cannot marry or be given in marriage. O Santa Teresa, Doctora Ipsissima. Did you ever know the ecstasy of the body Can bless us more than any rapture of the soul?   San Juan de la Cruz, who taught us That the dark night of the soul Always precedes the Awakening,… Read more

What I Meant by Sferic Inklings

How do you know but every bird that cuts the airy way Is an immense world of delight, closed by your senses five? [Wm Blake] As the Earth turns, molecules of air Rise past the edge of the Earth, and are Struck by photons. Excited, they Release apparently random Squeals we can hear if We know how to listen.   Astronomers call these sounds sferics (That’s short for atmospherics) And call them the Dawn Chorus, Because they sound much like… Read more

A Dissertation on the Problem of Free Will

Suppose the Lady made us that we may love Her. Suppose She already loves us as a mother Falls in love with her first-born child, And we are each of us that child. Love is not love unless I give it freely. So I must be free even to doubt Her Or choose not to love Her. That I may love Her freely, She makes Sure I am always free to choose. If She were to appear to me in… Read more

Minnesota: Triskellion Wicca

Triskellion is a tradition that incorporates classical Wiccan (Gardnerian and Alexandrian) theology with magical discipline. It was founded in 1977 by Ken and Elizabeth McCaskie, known as Ken Ra and Lady Delthea. At least seven covens have descended from it. Ken Ra relates that he is a descendant of a Scottish Pagan and priestly lineage that is part of Clan MacLeod (owners of the Fairy Flag of Britain) and related to the Royal House of the Isle of Man. He… Read more

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