King Abdullah as the Anti-Christ

King Abdullah as the Anti-Christ July 28, 2005

An  evangelical website speculates that King Abdullah of Jordan might be the Anti-Christ

Another example of how Christians are allowed to interpret their scriptures in the most apocalyptic terms–terms which pretty much eagerly promise Muslims, Jews and other heathens a bloody end–but neocons and even mainstream observers feel they have the right to police Muslims’ theological beliefs.

Another interesting thing about the worldview laid out in that article is how it explicitly justifies from the outset all that Israel does as the will of God and casts Arabs and Muslims as the minions of the Devil, whom will eventually have to be exterminated (a la the "Left Behind" series).

Given that mindset–which long existed within the GOP and is no long even controversial in many quarters of American society– even the neocons’ most extreme policies make perfect sense.

All this talk about imposing reform on the curriculum in madrasahs in Pakistan and elsewhere.  How about "draining the swamp" in our backyard, too?

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