Mind-boggling corruption by neocon cronies

Mind-boggling corruption by neocon cronies October 14, 2005

There’s a really sickening and eye-opening article in The American Conservative explosing the incredible corruption and financial mismanagement that occured under the CPA in Iraq.  Billions of dollars have literally disappeared into thin air.

This is how we spread democracy and rule of law? 

And what of this administration’s much vaunted "executive" management style?  How could all this money be floating around without even the most basic security and accounting measures being in place?

Meanwhile, fools on Capitol Hill continue to bray about corruption at the United Nations. 

The shameless hypocrisy of this administration and its ideological comrades continues to amaze me.  I thought we’d all supped full with horrors, but this pack of bunglers keep proving me wrong.

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