Must Muslims reject Evolution?

Must Muslims reject Evolution? December 1, 2005

On a side note, I think it would be interesting to explore the extent to which
these beliefs about Harun Yahya might as Mahdi might conflict with his interpretations of
biological evolution. 

If you can interpret all these ahadith so figuratively–I
haven’t reviewed their site closely, but I’m assuming they’re doing
some fancy footwork to set the stage for HY being the Mahdi and/or Promised
Messiah–I wonder why you can’t interpret the Quranic narrative on Adam &
Eve to allow for evolution to occur after the world was created. 

I’m no scientist, but I don’t see an inevitable conflict between
creationism and some less dogmatic form of evolution (a la the belief
in Intelligent Design).
I suspect that the truth of the matter might lie somewhere between
scientists’ strictly naturalistic narrative of biological evolution and
many religionists’ assumption of instant creation of the world and
humankind.  It seems to me that the Quran’s language allows for a
middle position (e.g., the notion of Allah as not just the Creator, but
the Rabb, the sustainer over time; some commentators even
believed that there were multiple Adams’s and Eve’s throughout human

If Muslims find themselves squirming at the thought that they might be descended
from monkeys, I suggest they take another look the Quranic account of
Adam’s creation and how Iblis’ pride in his "superior" origins (i.e.,
Iblis’ essence was pure flame as opposed to Adam’s lowly clay)
prevented him from submitting. Perhaps they should be grateful for this reminder and use it to guard against pride.

Also, I’m not sure Man’s conduct today really warrants such snobbery towards our simian neighbors (cousins?).   As the Romans used to say, Homo sapiens and Canis lupus.
Man, for all his intelligence and ideals, is a wolf to his fellow man.  Those lowly apes aren’t the ones
constantly inventing new ways to destroy each other and the world
around them.  Perhaps this humble (and humbling) origin is one of Allah’s ayats.


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