The Brick Testament

The Brick Testament December 27, 2005

Ever wonder how some of the most dramatic stories from the Bible
story would look if recreated in Legos?  Yes, Legos.  Behold, the Brick Testament!


I’m still not sure whether this is mockery or homage, but I must
confess it’s strangely entertaining (and it’s definitely quite helpful
for refreshing your memory on some key stories).  And those looking
just for entertainment can fast forward right to the lively parts (e.g.,
various massacres, rapes, and dismemberments ).

The captions on some of the scenes are arguably irreverent, but can one
fault somebody for faithfully recreating scripture (to the extent it is
possible with Legos)?

This medium also allows you to portray scenes one couldn’t in good conscience reproduce on film or even in a cartoon (e.g., the disturbing rape of a
concubine by a mob in Judges 19:25; I didn’t know this could be done with Legos).

The other thing I’m struck by is how strangely appropriate the
medium of nondescript figurines and backdrops can be for depicting the
sparse descriptions of biblical  accounts.  They generally provide

barebones accounts that are light on details.  In a strange sort of
way, I find these silly Lego figures an effective means of idealizing the
stories and stripping them to their bare essence (at least from a
textual perspective).  There are no extraneous details to distract you
from the story.

P.S.  I must note with pride that Legos are a Danish invention (Sweden invented dynamite; Denmark, Legos).  Not only that, my aunt used to work for Lego at their headquarters in Billund in Jutland.

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