The Terminator gets dissed by his home town

The Terminator gets dissed by his home town December 26, 2005

According to this article (which is in Danish, I’m afraid), a tiff has broken out between Arnold Schwarzenegger and the Austrian city of Graz over his refusal to oppose the death penalty.  When he refused to halt a high-profile execution recently, the city turned against their most famous native son and took his name off a stadium that had been christened in his honor. 

I suspect this is a reflection of the deepseated European discomfort
with that great American pasttime, executions.  I should think that
Arnold is beloved by his hometown, so I doubt this move would be made lightly.  It must be a sign of widespread revulsion.

The execution in question was of a former gangster and founder of the infamous Crips, Stanley Tookie Williams, who became a writer and prominent activist against gang violence after his incarceration for a murder conviction.  His work gained him international renown and resulted in him even being nominated for a Nobel Prize, I think.  His looming execution became cause celebre and occasion for numerous international figures to plead for clemency.

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