Colbert b-slaps W and the Beltway (REPOST)

Colbert b-slaps W and the Beltway (REPOST) May 11, 2006

[So I’ve censored my original, overly exuberant title to mostly eliminate the b-word.  To cleanse the URL, I must repost.  No major changes otherwise.  Guess I’m getting squeamish and prudish with middle age. ]

Forgive the thuggish turn of phrase, but it’s the only way to capture what went down.

I just watched the clip of Stephen Colbert’s absolutely brutal send-up of George W. Bush, the Beltway establishment, and the media that prostitutes itself to them at the White House Correspondent Dinner.  Whew.   It was scorching and quite funny at times in a very understated way.  Tto think he gave this talk in front of the most powerful people in Washington.   (Here’s a summary.  Here’s another, with the transcript of this brilliant tirade.  Here’s an analysis.)

If this administration didn’t have a history of trampling on truth, government accountability, the rule of law and the other fundamental elements of democracy–and if the mainstream media hadn’t often whitewashed his campaigns against the same–I’d consider Colbert’s performance in exceedingly poor taste.  Were this president not so arrogant and imperious, I’d pity him for having had to sit through 20 minutes of some lowly comedian implying him to be a dolt and a failure.

But it does and he is, so desperately unorthodox measures are needed to get the word outside the bubble of Washington DC.  I salute Colbert.  And express my amazement at his amazing…umm…chutzpah. 

This is what democracy is all about.  It’s about fighting for what you believe is right, not currying favor with those in power or timidly hoarding your "political capital" for some great battle for all that’s holy  (and which never materializes) a la Bill Clinton.

One of many memorable quotes:  Like New Orleans, "Washington DC is a ‘chocolate city’ [slang for a majority-black town].  Except with a marshmellowy white center."  Savage, but so painfully true.

Colbert for President!

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