An unlikely “mole” breaks a terror cell in Canada

An unlikely “mole” breaks a terror cell in Canada July 15, 2006

An exceedingly interesting twist in a recent case of an alleged Canadian terror cell being broken:  The hero of the hour is not only a civilian, a mole and a Muslim.  He’s a highly conservative Islamist well known in Canada for promoting the introduction of shariah up north. 

When you get down to it, though, there is no contradiction.    In fact, it makes perfect sense that a "hard-line" Muslim–assuming that this label applies to this individual, whom I do not know anything about–would join forces with the government against such dangerous  subversives.

No matter how conservative, a Muslim truly committed the principles of Islamic jurisprudence is naturally a terrorist’s worst foe,  as he believes in sacred principles of rule of law, justice and peaceful coexistence that completely delegitimize the lawlessness of the vigilantes and murderers masquerading as mujaheddin in many places today.

If only such a person had been in the right place to prevent this savage train bombing in Bombay, which has taken and or ruined the lives of hundreds of innocent people (current count: 179 dead; 600+ wounded; countless people devastated and traumatized). : The making of a terror mole

This is the story of the 18th man, the civilian mole and devout Muslim paid by CSIS and the RCMP to infiltrate Mr. Ahmad’s circle and thwart an alleged plot to blow up those targets. Over a series of discussions with The Globe and Mail, Mr. Shaikh detailed his motives for bringing down the alleged terrorist cell. Above all, violence in Canada in the name of Islam cannot be tolerated, said Mr. Shaikh, who says he has learned to juggle his fierce commitment to both Islam and the secular values of Canadian society.

On one hand, he is an official at his west-end mosque, supports the jihads in Afghanistan and Iraq and was one of the most public supporters of the failed bid to introduce sharia law in Ontario, occasionally commenting on the debate on television.

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