Reflections on Memorial Day

Reflections on Memorial Day May 28, 2007

On this Memorial Day, let us all stop for a moment to thank and pray for those who’ve given their lives (or sacrificed their health) to protect us. Let us also pray for the many innocent people who have tragically found themselves in the crossfire.

In their honor, let us also resolve to
1) support our troops in the future by actively opposing all unnecessary wars and
2) punish all leaders (whether in government or in the media) guilty of misrepresenting the facts in order to sell war to a reluctant American public.

In my opinion, there is something profoundly treasonous about the way America public opinion was manipulated by so-called patriots  into dispatching of our best and brightest to their death for a cause that is only becoming murkier with time.

Thousands of brave Americans  would probably still be with their families, friends, and coworkers today were it not for the absence of open debate about the War on Terror.

Remember that next time you hear somebody call peace activists "traitors". There is nothing more patriotic than fighting for peace and forcing war-mongerers to justify themselves.

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