The latest gem from the Creeping Sharia Brigade

The latest gem from the Creeping Sharia Brigade May 8, 2012

Get a load of this piercing insight into constitutional law by phony-ex-extremist-Muslim-of-the-month Kaleem Saleem. Roe vs. Wade is, ahem, part of the liberal conspiracy to impose Islamic law on America!

Brian Tashman writes on the People for the American Way’s Right Wing Watch blog:

At last week’s Awakening 2012 conference, phony “ex-terrorist” Kamal Saleem not only detailed a treacherous scheme by President Obama to use immigration reform to legalize terrorism, but also uncovered a liberal plot to use the Supreme Court’s 1973 decision in Roe v. Wade to “bring Sharia law liberally in our face.” Responding to co-panelist Frank Gaffney’s specious allegation that there have been anywhere between fifty to seventy instances where American judges used Sharia law to decide cases, Saleem blamed the Religious Right’s most hated ruling on the supposed proliferation of Sharia law in America


But I suspect Mr. Saleem has little to say about the rampant imposition of (alleged) Christian law by Christian activists on gays and women across the country. Was it Muslim activists who just orchestrated the ban on gay marriage in North Carolina? Are the many pharmacies across the country  that deny their female customers access to legally prescribed birth control run by Muslim fundamentalists? Was the prominent leader who recently re-affirmed his belief that unwed mothers and gays shouldn’t be allowed to teach children a Muslim? Are aggressive, highly-organized attempts in Texas to infiltrate school boards and substitute thinly camouflaged religious dogma  for science (i.e., Intelligent Design instead of Evolution), deny the separation of church and state, whitewash the horrors of slavery, and banish Thomas Jefferson from school textbooks the handiwork of shadowy Muslim operatives?


Take a wild guess.

Yet these clowns bray endlessly about a shariah takeover.


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