‘I’m Alex Parker’ – an Introduction

‘I’m Alex Parker’ – an Introduction June 6, 2018

Hi. I’m Alex Parker, and this is my first post to Patheos. I’m excited to be here. I hope many of you will give me the honor of your time, as I attempt to express my thoughts on the world and the things which make it go ’round.

Many of my opinions will be in reaction to events which we see in the news. Headlines which tells us, with their great size, what things are important. Often, I believe other things are so much more significant than the stories of the day. But sometimes, truly paramount things relate to them. Those lesser notions in print bring to mind substantial considerations of a life lived fully. Which is to say, one focused on the things that matter most, none of which can be found in the debate of governmental Right vs. Left, sifting through the rhetoric of words yelled loudly and often.

Officially, I suppose, I am writing about politics. Red, specifically. But in truth, I have no interest in them. I am, rather, concerned with culture. Engaged by society. How it has changed. For good and ill. I hope you will travel with me down this road of contemplation and exchange — please join in, with your own thoughts, too.

I will certainly be, periodically, referencing liberalism or other such cultural concepts, which have their political counterparts. But my intention is to talk about life, not partisan demagoguery or the leveraged game of electoral money and power.

Sometimes what I have to say may be serious. Other times, humorous. Sarcastic. Casual. Or less so.

Thank you for being here for the conversation.

This is me. Please tell me something about you. Who are my readers? What is my audience? I’d love to know. Please introduce yourself, in the Comments section below.



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