Cornerstone Pastor Issues Apology – GOOD

Cornerstone Pastor Issues Apology – GOOD November 21, 2021

The apology was warranted.

The follow-up is essential.

A week ago, the world was given another look at raw, white Christian nationalism. It was on full display at a Cornerstone Church, the San Antonio, Texas megachurch operated by televangelist John Hagee, and his son, Matt Hagee.

The Hagees made the grave error in spiritual judgment to allow a political event titled, “ReAwaken America” to be held within their [alleged] house of worship. This was not an event that promoted charity, brotherly love, or any of the finer points of grace and holiness. It was a rambling, worldly, political rally, meant to further incite the conspiracy-driven fervor of the Trump cult, still bitter and unaccepting of their political loss in 2020.

The event was organized by podcaster Clay Clark, and featured speakers such as Michael Flynn, the pardoned former National Security Adviser to President Trump, MyPillow CEO and all-around, unhinged lunatic, Mike Lindell, and longtime Trump pal/adviser/hedonist, Roger Stone.

Neither of these men, in their current mental/spiritual decline should be given time in a pulpit to spew whatever manic and worldly machinations that cross their minds, but there they were, before a sold out crowd of over 3,000.

Some of the highlights of that event that swept social media included Flynn twisting a bit of Scripture from the Gospel of Matthew to call for a one-government sanctioned religion – Christianity.

I’ll take this time here to point out that white Christian Nationalism, theocracy, and the rhetoric Flynn promoted, while agreeable on the surface to Christians, is not the design or purpose of the very God he pretends to champion.

Yes, Father God wants none to perish, and all to come to Him (2 Peter 3:9). No, He does not want the people compelled to follow Him, through any worldly government mandate. He wants a relationship that is eternal. Government compulsion is not true repentance or relationship with a heavenly Father God.

What Flynn said from the Cornerstone pulpit to a spiritually tone deaf crowd of conspiracy nuts flew in the face of true Christianity. The Hagees should know better.

As it was, the heat across social media, in regards to Flynn’s comments was only the tip of the iceberg. The news cycle had barely grabbed hold of that controversy, before multiple video captures from both the crowd and from the stage revealed just how far away from pious reflection or any faithful interpretation of the message of Jesus Christ these people have strayed.

In video captured and posted online, the attendees, coached and encouraged from the stage, loudly chanted, “Let’s go, Brandon!”

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