OH – This is getting good. Michael Cohen, longtime personal attorney and “fixer” for Donald Trump is back in the news. The reason may be somewhat uncomfortable for our president. It would appear that Mr. Cohen wasn’t quite the gullible sap that Trump required him to be, and maybe the years of taking abuse caused some sort of snap in Cohen’s spirit, to the point that he took steps to protect himself. You know, like making secret recordings of certain… Read more

This is absolutely the wrong way to act, but this young man is to be commended for responding with love. So right off the bat, let us ask the question: What is in a name? Would not a rose, by any other name still smell as sweet? You’ve all probably heard that and hopefully, you can guess where this is going: Don’t make assumptions about anybody, based on a name. Today’s tale of idiots being idiotic involves Khalil Cavil, a… Read more

Let it be known for the record that I no longer feel President Trump is acting like a Russian asset. Donald Trump is a Russian asset. That was his role, even before he was elected. No, I don’t think he began his run for the presidency as one. I believe his initial purpose for running for the presidency was a publicity stunt, in order to whip up supporters for a new television venture he had in mind. However, I believe… Read more

Well, it only took them a few days to stomp out this particular fire. Kudos to Team Trump for that, I suppose. Let’s face it. Republicans haven’t been the most adept at putting out a good message to the public, given that the face of the GOP is a sneering, poorly-coiffed mountebank, with a mind that is a bag of cats. And he’s probably a Russian asset. On Thursday afternoon, the White House finally determined that turning over American citizens… Read more

It seems like the Russians have all the answers. Maybe they could share some with the United States, since they’re now running the show. To be clear, there’s no way to really know what was discussed during the private chat between President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin. Before their “summit” they closed themselves away for over two hours, with no policy aides or note takers. There were only translators, and they’re not talking. Russia’s ambassador to the United… Read more

At what point does it become “ok” to talk about treason and anti-American activities with this corrupt Trump administration? So starry-eyed and enamored of the murderous Russian strongman, Vladimir Putin, is Donald Trump, that we’re now in a position where we have to wonder if our president would willingly hand over American citizens to be questioned by a hostile foreign government. This is a bad situation, and not a complete shock to those of us who tried so desperately to… Read more

She’s a rising star. Or just a pretty dud. What we do know about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is that she has all the intellectual depth of a Pez dispenser, and even her own [sort of] party is horrified that “Freebie Barbie” actually defeated one of their reliable workhorses, New York Representative Joseph Crowley, in June. While some may be excited and see the goal of a socialist state in the United States as a possibility, others are not so enthused. What… Read more

This is a sensitive subject, and there are those who will hear this story and be full of skepticism. Some will greet the testimony of Luis Javier Ruiz with scorn and anger. He’s setting a sacred cow on a funeral pyre and the scent of his new found freedom is not acceptable to a large segment of society. He made a choice to save his life. On June 12, 2016 the city of Orlando, Florida was the scene of what… Read more

Unfortunately, this makes perfect sense. Senior White House officials are all in duck-and-cover mode over President Trump’s atrocious performance before the world on Monday. He rolled over and offered his soft underbelly to the nation’s greatest geopolitical foe, even as he strutted out of that debacle acting like a champ. That was not rooted in reality. For those who have to try and set the ship right, given how easily President Trump turned on his own nation and our intelligence… Read more

Possibly the most clear message to emerge from President Trump’s horrific Monday press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin is that Trump was the subservient in that relationship. Vladimir Putin, a murderous former KGB agent, and the driving force behind a litany of international violations and human rights abuses was obviously in control. Trump looked weak, off-balance, and he absolutely sold the United States down the river. All those ridiculous memes his glassy-eyed loyalists pump out to social media with… Read more

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