It Struck A Chord: Authentic Love

It Struck A Chord: Authentic Love November 26, 2013

“Authentic love is not measured by the fantastic intensity of blinding emotions, but by the rock-like nature of commitment, friendship, and honor in the very midst of broken commitments and shattered covenants. This is God-love; human love, however, is far too conditional.” – Brooklyn Theologian

Sometimes you see something and have the only desire to co-sign because what you see strikes you with its profundity. That’s how I feel about much of what comes out of the mind of the Brooklyn Theologian aka Joseph Terry.

I have the pleasure of knowing him so I can attest to the fact that this man is wicked smart and an incredible teacher. Do yourself a favor and go follow his blog Inverted Kingdom and follow him on Twitter @bktheologian; I promise it will be well worth it.

"Wow. Talk about not being self-involved! Thank you for telling us this story!"

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