It Struck A Chord: Why I Don’t Call Myself A Feminist

It Struck A Chord: Why I Don’t Call Myself A Feminist December 9, 2013


Because I am blessed to know a lot of really smart people, I have these wonderful conversations about things like subjugation of people, the face of justice and what equality looks like. We’ll go at it for hours, speaking about what freedom from economic, racial and gender oppression looks like.

One of these conversations took place a couple of weeks ago with my name twin. We were talking about a thread we were both involved in online where someone said something super inflammatory and misogynist and I went IN. I mean we’re talking about statistics, rape culture, how dare you pop your gums like this type IN.

I was offended.

But in Alicia and I talking about it afterwards I had to admit to her that contrary to popular belief, I am not a feminist.

I’m just not.

I believe in equality for all people. I believe in justice. But it is because I follow Jesus, not because of a social movement – no matter how profound it may be.

I haven’t much delved into politics yet on here but people assume I’m a progressive/moderate/feminist/socialist amongst other -ives and -ists. And sure, my ideals align with those things its not because of that those camps offer, its because my faith demands that I work towards seeing people exercise their wholeness.

So all that’s a set up for this new “Struck” post. Twin shared an article with me that echoes my sentiments and I wanted to share. Here’s an excerpt:

“Feminism, by definition, addresses only the oppression of women; Christianity teaches us to see the world, not in stark categories of women oppressed by men, but of the weak oppressed by the strong. It can even explain why a strong woman would oppress a weaker one, whether she is a madam in a brothel, a “queen bee” in an office, or a mother who aborts her daughter in favor of a son. And ultimately, only Christianity can restore both the oppressed and the oppressor to full personhood in Christ.”

I did a lot of head nodding on this one so without further adieu, here is Why I Don’t Call  Myself A Feminist.

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