Jesus Doesn’t Care So Why Should I

Jesus Doesn’t Care So Why Should I June 9, 2014


I’ve been thinking about grace and God’s love a lot recently. I’ve encountered a lot of people who question God’s love for them because of their lifestyles or the things they struggle with. And those questions hurt me because they are a direct reflection on our ability to demonstrate love to others.

What if Romans 8:1 has a wholly different meaning than the one many of us have come to understand? What if it saying there is no condemnation in Christ Jesus not only speaks to us being removed from God seeing our sinfulness or the ways we screw up but is also a charge for us to push past the dross and see others for who they are at their core and not for their circumstances. People have beautiful gifts and profound experiences and I think too often we (Christians) get caught up on them not acting as we feel they should or their failure to conform their images to act more like Jesus.

But guess what? That’s OUR responsibility.

We are called to demonstrate love and grace and model the character of a Jewish carpenter turned rabbi because our freedom from condemnation should EMPOWER us to serve others with passion and abandon.

This is sorta summed up in a song I heard for the first time near 20 years ago by Point of Grace. The chorus reads:

Jesus doesn’t care what you’ve done before
How you’ve rebelled or slammed the door
No matter how far you’ve run or how long you’ve been untrue
Jesus doesn’t care he still offers forgiveness to you

Maybe it’s time we offer that same forgiveness and acceptance because it may be the manifestation of the grace so many desperately seek.

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