A World Shaded Grey

A World Shaded Grey August 9, 2015


I need shrill voices and talking heads to stop

Seriously just stop speaking

and embrace grey

Embrace that place between black and white that varies in shade


Full of ambiguity


The sort of Complexity that can’t be broken down to sound bite, youtube clip, or book; you need libraries to even BEGIN to unpack this

Hold space for not having answers

Or thoughts being in development

Have the courage to say this is not absolute

I am not positive

But I believe

I believe and still will make room to be proven wrong for the sake of Truth

Does that require too much humility?

Can we make room for holding space for things?

For error

For growth that comes from dwelling between points of polarity

In space that requires listening, engagement

Or an admission of ‘I don’t know but I’m willing to become seeker for answer’

Can we?

Your binaries kill dreaming,

kill creativity,

kill conversation that leads to solution

and rips up souls dwelling between your opposites apart

You’d see that if you stepped out of the voids

and into this world shaded grey

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