1/30/17 Reflection

1/30/17 Reflection January 30, 2017

​We need one another. Reflecting on this past week I realize that I have never been more aware or convinced of this simple truth.There are ways that we will have to work to create and sustain communal bonds with folks who hold similar views as well as those who hold truths that bump up against our own. 

We haven’t even begun to see the tyranny and injustice those in power will work to uphold and it’s gonna take all of us collectively holding up our lights in the darkness that has come to move forward and find our way out. We will need to lean into one another’s resources, know-how, traditions, wisdom, expressions of care, and energies to survive and to be well. Our resistance cannot only be directed toward those who hold power, it must also target the systems, policies, ideologies, and constructed narratives that perpetuate the myths of supremacy and scarcity or anything else that would pull us apart. 

Never forget that we belong to one another. Always remember that our liberations are intertwined and none of us will get free while others are bound. 

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