Comparing the Right-to-Life with “How Someone Loves”

Comparing the Right-to-Life with “How Someone Loves” February 8, 2023

Right now, I am completing a lay ministry certification program through my local Catholic Archdiocese in San Antonio, TX.  Last night through Zoom, the instructor taught extensively on moral teachings of marriage and sexuality. As I have stated many times, I do appreciate a moral framework for sexuality and encourage young adults to find life-long monogamous spouses if they are incapable of a celibate life which are most people.  This is true because most people, heterosexual or homosexual,  are incapable of life-long celibacy without incurring lasting psychological damage or even death. Science is indisputable on this matter. Science is also indisputable on the fact that inclusion and acceptance are life and death for LGBTQIA+ people.

This again takes the Catholic conscience to the Sanctity of life and the Dignity of the Human Person which ALWAYS are placed first when making moral decisions for the Catholic life.

What I find particularly disturbing, and even maddening, is that there are those Catholic trads (not all conservatives) who think and act like once the Catholic or even non-Catholic is participating in sexual activity which does not align with Catholic moral theology, that person’s Human Dignity and even Life are up for debate and even disposable, especially if the person is a practicing LGBTQIA+ person, even in a committed and legal life-long relationship.  According to the Catholic trad who thinks and acts this way, if a practicing homosexual, even one who is in a committed and legal life-long relationship, does not deserve basic human rights like the right to live in safety, the right to be part of a family, the right to have legal protections, and the right to proper pastoral care as Pope Francis directs.  According to these specific hateful trads, that practicing homosexual doesn’t have the right to exist or the right to life.

Now I have heard from these types, “I mean no harm” or “I am pro-life.”  That is the biggest bunch of malarkey and hypocrisy I can fathom. Once a baby is born, the personhood dies to many Catholic trads except white, straight,  Republican, “Christian,” and neurotypical people who fit nice and tidy into their box.  It’s not about the Sanctity of Life but supporting fascism.  If they had the choice of voting for Neo-Nazism and a repeat of Hitler or allowing a woman to choose to give birth or not, they would vote for Neo-Nazism and Hitler.

Let’s review the traits of fascism again.

I believe that the current legislative actions of some far-right Republican politicians (not all) are now falling in alignment with fascism, especially in Texas. According to Encyclopedia Britannica and The Washington Monthly, I close with these primary traits of fascism once again. We are just steps away if not already in a fascist state.

1. sources and capitalizes on economic woes and anxieties
2. shifts political blame on to scapegoat groups like minority groups, the Democrats,
immigrants, and other groups while taking away blame from where it belongs, on the leadership
3. propagates extreme nationalism going hand-in-hand with racism and militarism
4. a melding of church and state when there should be a separation
5. subjugation of women and sexism
6. a disdain for human rights except those of the elite, especially                                                                                                                                                                                                                                a disdain for those who identify as LGBTQIA+
7. obsession with crime and punishment
8. identification of enemies as a unifying cause for political action
9. disdain for intellectualism, science, history, and the arts
10. control of different types of media, including books
11. rampant cronyism and government corruption
12. attempt to control elections, like through voter suppression








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