My New-Found Love for Bernie Sanders–And Don’t Even Say, “But Abortion.”

My New-Found Love for Bernie Sanders–And Don’t Even Say, “But Abortion.” May 12, 2023

Yes, you read correctly.  I am an official Bernie Sanders fan.

Even though I try not to put too much faith in any one person, I am officially a Bernie Sanders fan. Nothing, absolutely nothing, has compelled my progressive political and theological shifts to the left more than the Religious/Catholic Right who tried to abuse and coerce others to support a conman like Donald Trump. This is especially true with women in conservative faith circles, and in my case, former traditionalist Catholic circles. Please note that I regularly try not to classify all conservative religious Christians in the Religious/Catholic Right. It’s those who are conservative PLUS, they are bedfellows with the Republican party. It’s especially dangerous in Texas.
I have watched both Donald Trump who claims to be a Christian but behaves antithetically to the Christian faith. Then I have watched a Jewish man, Bernie Sanders, align his love of all people, especially the poor and marginalized, much more with the teachings of Jesus than just about anyone in the The Religious Right/Catholic Right. Sounds like the Gospel and Catholic Social Teaching to me.
Let’s compare the moral character, policies, and stances of Bernie Sanders to those of Donald J. Trump. Then we can see who is more in alignment with Jesus and the Gospel.  First we will look at fact-checked proven truths about Donald J. Trump, then we will talk about Bernie Sanders. A friend of mine named John Woodman, a strong Christian, father of six, husband, published author, and researcher wrote this about the state of the American Church and our nation.  I have updated and edited certain portions of his quote below. Note that Trump grew up with a silver spoon in his mouth while Bernie came from a very humble background.
“Christ stands for truth; Trump told thousands of lies. This was easily proven by anyone who tested his words. Christ says we are all created equal; Trump dog-whistles white supremacists and told the Proud Boys to “stand back and stand by.” Christ stands for faithfulness; Trump had multiple affairs, multiple wives, and cheated with a porn star while his wife (a model) was pregnant with their child.  He has since then been charged with a felony for the latter, Christ stands for the poor; Trump passed a massive wealth transfer from the middle class and working poor to his rich donors. Christ spoke of kindness to your fellow man; Trump’s rise was marked by bullying and intimidation. Christ said that leaders should be servants of all; Trump demanded absolute loyalty and made every effort to destroy anyone who would not bow before him and still attempts this today.  Christ speaks of purity; Trump brags that he could grab women by the p*$$@ — and had more than 20 women who all testified (2 Cor. 13:1) that he had sexually assaulted them. As a direct result of electing the man many chose — whom many Christians also claimed was “God’s chosen” (Isaiah 5:20) — America experienced a massive toll of over a million COVID deaths, well over half of which were entirely unnecessary.
Now let’s observe the character, policies, and behavior of Bernie Sanders, even though he is imperfect like us all.  Yes, he has been married, divorced, and married twice, unlike Donald Trump who is thrice married and divorced with a long stream of affairs and sexual assault. I have sourced these facts about Bernie Sanders  from Encyclopedia Britannica and this video of his proven accomplishments. As a child, Bernie family struggled financially, and income inequality would later become one of his key political issues.  Sanders grew up in in Flatbush, the son of a paint salesman and a homemaker, the younger of two brothers who at times shared a small bedroom. He was very aware of the toll of the Holocaust and how it impacted the Jewish people.
So from Bernie’s humble background, here is an outline of his accomplishments which are further explained in this video: comprehensive care for Veterans, being a key leader in the Affordable Healthcare Act, increasing minimum wage to a living wage, war resolutions and peace, and audits of the Federal Reserve and billionaires who are robbing the American people.
Yes, Bernie is a Jew that Jesus would be proud of. ❤

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