My Appearance as a Guest Speaker–Affirmation is About the Sanctity of Life

My Appearance as a Guest Speaker–Affirmation is About the Sanctity of Life June 27, 2023

A few weeks ago, I was a guest speaker on a podcast broadcast called, “Living Outloud with Laura.”  This is a secular podcast which addresses various LGBTQ+ topics. I was honored that Laura Campbell, the host, invited a Catholic like me to be on her show.

Here are the list of questions she asked and I answered. There will be a second broadcast which will be released sometime in August. Since we only had time to address the first four questions, the others will be covered during the next broadcast.

You can listen to the first broadcast interview by clicking this link or copying and pasting it.

1.  Hello, would you please introduce yourself. — “Just call me, Julie.”

  1. How are you doing, for real? “I struggle every day with staying in the Catholic Church while also being an LGBTQ+ ally and certified “out-practitioner,” not because I don’t love being an ally but because half of the American Catholic Church doesn’t show love and acceptance towards LGBTQIA+ people and their families.  However, the left wing of the Catholic Church, which is full of LGBTQIA+ allies and open LGBTQ+ Catholics, makes up nearly half of the American Catholic Church.    Catholics make up half of the Christians in the world. The Catholic Church is the largest religious institution on earth.”
  2. How do you identify as part of the community? “I am an Educational Therapist with specialized credentialing in Autism, Cognition, and LGBTQIA+ Inclusion in Healthcare. I provide Academic remediation and Vocational Rehabilitation for people with learning, developmental, cognitive disabilities, and/or Neurodiversity. I also serve in LGBTQIA+ ministry, both for Catholics and in ecumenical ministry.  I also publish both ministerial and secular articles.
  3. What Brings you on the show today?  “One of the main reasons, although not the only reason, I became part of the LGBTQIA+ community was both discovering and fully witnessing the scientific evidence that the LGBTQIA+ experience in 3 to 9 times higher in the disability and Neurodiverse communities than in the general population. Since I have served and advocated for the neurodiversity and disability communities for many years prior to becoming an LGBTQIA+ ally, it was required of me to make this step which I am very glad I did. I am just sorry it took me so too long.”

The Interview was an hour long, so you will need to listen to the podcast to understand the full context of these questions and answers. Please note that I didn’t mention the Sanctity of Life in writing here as much, but this was core and center with my interview. It will also be the case in the next interview where I will answer the remaining questions.

Have a blessed and wonderful day!




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