Moving from Traditionalist Catholic Circles to Progressive Catholic Circles Saved Lives

Moving from Traditionalist Catholic Circles to Progressive Catholic Circles Saved Lives November 1, 2023

Seven years ago, I became Catholic out of traditionalist Anglican circles and into traditionalist Catholic circles through the Ordinariate. At that time, I had very conservative views on sexuality, but I still believe today in finding a life-spouse, whether that person is heterosexual or homosexual.  I know this is something I cannot force on another person, but I do encourage life-long monogamy unless that person is capable and wishes to go into consecrated religious life.  Thank God we were forced out of Catholic traditionalist circles through COVID, the place of our 25th wedding anniversary celebration. When I say “forced out,” this is exactly what I mean. Anti-science measures have never settled well with me. The parish’s loose interpretation and even bucking of CDC guidelines to wear masks, vaccinate, and social distance were a guaranteed shove of my family out-the-door, particularly since I have Parkinson’s Disease and work with medically-fragile students/patients.  Add being told from a few clergy that I was committing a “mortal sin” by obtaining the vaccine, that “nailed the coffin” and shoved us right out the door and into the greater Catholic world.  There we found “Real People,” the “Real Catholic Church,” not the pre-Vatican II,  Council-of-Trent, anti-Francis Catholic Church. I am so thankful we found it. Yes, there were clergymen in the Ordinariate who behaved this way even though the National Catholic Bioethics Center approved both Pzeizer and Moderna vaccines while the Vatican was concurrently dispensing it.

While I witnessed the Vatican dispense the vaccine, I knew clergy in the traditionalist Ordinariate setting were lying to gain control, harm people, and buck Pope Francis’s Vatican II reforms, even at the cost of endangering the lives of others. So what else were they lying about? Let’s see.   For one, their militancy against LGBTQ+ people would have killed at least one of my family members without-a-doubt since some traditionalists I know refuse to listen to science, reason, and the lived experiences of people. A few Ordinariate clergy demanded that I place my family in danger and go against doctors’ orders by seeking a form of “conversion therapy” because they hate gay people and wish harm on them.  They are the same people who have joined forces with the right wing of the Republican party to usher in minority rule and exterminate anyone who doesn’t align with Neo-Nazi Republican “Christian Nationalist” authoritarianism.  These are also the same people who completely discard Catholic Social Teaching and the Sanctity of Life and Human Dignity teachings for all people while using the unborn and gay marriage as weapons to destroy others.

So I’ve been told, “Julie, you just need to forgive?”  Well, this is a much bigger deal than just my family and me. This is right-winged clergymen trying to buck Pope Francis and his implementation of Vatican II; they are what he calls, “Reactionary Catholics.”  Even with the anger I expressed here, I am typically a forgiving person.  But I don’t forget abuse and endangerment of people very well.  These right-winged clergymen expect me to forgive and forget, but they have offered no apology, no condolences, and have made no amends. All the Ordinariate clergy has done is shove my family out and endanger us, and I’m certain they would do the same to other families who don’t “fit their perfect pre-Vatican II Council of Trent mold.”  Until they do apologize for the harm they have caused, which they will do to others if it’s not exposed, I will do everything in my power to expose them.  Thankfully, I have substantial proof in writing.




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