Eradicating White Christian Nationalism Through Love and Action–Thank you, Pope Francis and Other Faith Leaders

Eradicating White Christian Nationalism Through Love and Action–Thank you, Pope Francis and Other Faith Leaders December 1, 2023

It took seven years for me to awaken to the dangers of White Christian Nationalism  from within the Church, the politicized witness of Christianity to others, our nation, and our democracy.  I think it takes an enormous amount of “shock treatment” for a white female (Anglo) like me raised in a staunch conservative Christian Republican home to wake up to the realities we are facing now.

Starting with Trump mocking the disabled reporter in 2016 and then my husband and I worshipping in a mostly Latino Catholic community, I would have never seen the dangers of White Christian Nationalism without first-hand lived experiences.  If I had not followed Pope Francis’s directive to “listen” to my fellow Americans unlike myself and other Catholics unlike myself, I would not be able to see current-day reality.

I recently started adding more TikTok videos to my awareness in ministry and professional service.   Here is an edited  (added text) videos from Christians Against Christian Nationalism, a group I greatly admire.

This type of denial of the Gospel in the video, rejecting who Jesus is, and increased levels of violence and dangerous rhetoric will continue to grow if the silent majority of Christians sits aside and says nothing.

Let’s see what Martin Luther King said about  silence, love, and change.   

His approach was always through love but speaking out as well.   In light of the Civil Rights movement, I read about Martin Luther King Jr.’s  relationship with Rev. Billy Graham. Sr.  I have no doubt that Billy Graham placed his life on-the-life to stand with Martin Luther King Jr. and his Black brothers and sisters in Christ. Let’s look at a few quotes from the late Rev, Billly Graham.

Even though Rev, Billy Graham didn’t understand LGBTQ+ people in his days, neither did many others, including the medical community, and the military.  I don’t think the Rev. Billy Graham would have stood for the dangerous melding of faith and politics that we see today, nor would Marttin Luther Kind, Jr.  I don’t think either one would have supported Donald Trump.

I am going to close with an appreciation of the Holy Father,  Pope Francis. This man knows the likes of Donald Trump. He is aware that Donald Trump is not a man of faith and that he is corrupt and dangerous.  Why is Pope Francis making so many openly-public progressive moves to radically include and love people? It’s to counteract the level of right-wing hatred and the dangerous consequences of violence and rhetoric which accompany such hatred.

Here is a video I added text to from Father Sam French.  I will close with one more video after this one.

This last video from Vatican News shows that Pope Francis is serious about reaching those on-the-margins.  He created relationships with transgender women and sex workers during COVID while the Vatican provided care and aid to them.  This surely must upset the alt-Catholic Right. Long live Pope Francis!




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