Lived Realities—Willful Ignorance & Force or Service

Lived Realities—Willful Ignorance & Force or Service January 17, 2024

The far right/religious right think that they know it all without speaking to and listening to actual people who experience everyday reality.  A regular reply I hear from them is, “Well, you are dealing with people who aren’t in my community, so you know better than those who don’t.”  I want to reply with, “You choose not to know, not to care, and make judgements on others while knowing a very small piece of the big picture because you choose to be an armchair critic.” In nearly all cases, I don’t reply this way.

This is the heart of why vulnerable people are dying and why laws are being passed that harm and endanger everyday people. People who choose ignorance are supporting those in power who know exactly what they are doing.  These types are beating down historically marginalized people who want them to remain this way.   Let’s take a look at a group from Mothers Against Greg Abbott in this video.  This is an example of lived reality in the area of abortion.


Texan Doctors against Abbott. @mothersagainstgregabbott

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Let’s take another look at a lived reality, the Texas border and migrants.  The Department of Homeland Security estimates that between 9,000 to 14,000 migrants may try to cross the southern border each day.  Of that 9,000-14,000, many are seeking asylum from danger south of the border.  Governor Abbott’s response is, do everything and anything as long as we don’t shoot them because the Biden administration will, “charge us with murder.”


♬ original sound – The Neuro-Catholic MamaBear


Then we have LGBTQ+ people and their families, particularly transgender children, who are fleeing Texas to save their lives.  As an Educational Therapist, I’ve worked with some of these families to help them escape Texas because it is not uncommon for Neurodivergent youth and adults to also be LGBTQ+. Many times I hear, well you work with them and know what is going on.  You can’t expect us to understand.  This is the perfect example of chosen and willful ignorance.  Kai Shappley, a tween activist from Texas, tells of the lived reality of trans kids in Texas.

Trans youth like Kai Shappley are in serious danger of losing their right to exist due to a flood of anti-trans laws in Texas. #queertiktok #protecttranskids #protecttransyouth #transtiktok #transtexan

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I’ve been asking myself, how did politics become so cruel?  How do people who profess Christ as Lord choose ignorance and to intentionally harm and endanger people unlike themselves?  I think this meme sums it up well.

Now, I believe that Donald Trump’s presidency had little to nothing to do with “what he got done” or even what he promised to do and didn’t do. In the beginning, people had valid reasons to support Trump.  But now, after everything he has said and done, I think those who support him without condition are supporting him because he hates who they hate. This cold reality has been painful to accept, particularly from white Republican Christians (not all) and even moreso white Republican pastors (not all).

I’m going to show this last video that summarizes the reality of our current-day political climate in Texas and states like it.  Sadly, the Religious Right married to the far right of the Republican party is primarily responsible for the continued and further endangerment of historically marginalized populations.  I believe it’s all rooted in hate and bigotry.


Nothing Changes in Tx politics till it does! Till you piss of the Texas Women and now we are ready to fight! #nothingchanges

♬ original sound – MothersAgainstGregAbbott


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