from Democracy to Christo-fascism and Authoritarianism

from Democracy to Christo-fascism and Authoritarianism February 6, 2024

It’s a long-standing pattern.  Christian Nationalists like Mike Johnson mention the threat of God’s judgement on the United States for collective sins of “impurity,” yet he completely excludes the collective sins of slavery, racism, segregation, bigotry, and marginalization of anyone who is not white, straight, a particular “brand of Christian,” and able-bodied (under senior ages).

Let’s view a video from a political commentator named Scot Lloyd.  He uses Mike Johnson as the prime example of a Christian Nationalist and his hypocritical claim to “collective sin” while excluding the sins of slavery, racism, and segregation.


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Another political commentator I like is named Katherine Stewart is also the author of Investigative Reporter.   She gives her take on the dangers of rising Christian Nationalism.  Like the political commentator above named Scott Llyod, she mentions the same right-winged ideology he mentions, ” the privileged ones are in-charge” while everyone else has to submit.  The language she menti0ns very much ties into the last portion of this article.  Stewart Stevens, a former Republican strategist, gives his professional wisdom based on years of experience.


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Certified Lay ministers like myself and ordained clergy who are fighting Christian Nationalism, please educate yourselves at least weekly about the rising threat of Christian Nationalism. It’s the same ideology which placed Adolf Hitler into power. I’ve been publishing about this for almost four years in how this ideology threatens vulnerable populations, particularly LGBTQ and Neurodivergent/disabled populations. In some ways, I’m afraid the threat of Christian Nationalism may be too late because it has been planned for decades. A documentary called God and Country is being released soon after Valentine’s Day. Please make an effort to go see it. I believe Christian Nationalism (rooted in Nazi ideology) is the greatest threat to our democracy, vulnerable populations, our country, and the church itself.

I keep getting told not to talk about politics, but when those politics directly affect the well-being and very lives of people I know and love, I am GOING to talk about politics, maybe not in conversation as much but definitely in writing and publications which is how I cope with us potentially losing our democracy. Democracy means equality and freedom for all Americans, not just a certain demographic. Remember, I was a Republican myself for 25 years although reluctantly. Pastors who still support Donald Trump, please consider withdrawing your support.
Quotes from Stewart Stevens, former Republican strategist–
1. What happened within the Republican Party in 2016 was a repeat of the rise of National Socialism in the
1920s and 30s in Nazi Germany,
2. The Republican Party has become a grievance party.
3. The Republican establishment’s acceptance of Mr. Trump echoed the German establishment’s acceptance of Hitler.
4. It’s hard to find any Republican leader in private who will say that Donald Trump was a great leader.
5.  The Republican Party according to Stewart Stevens has become “The White Grievance Party.”




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