Legal Bannings of Human Rights but Not for Some

Legal Bannings of Human Rights but Not for Some February 19, 2024

Sitting in Mass yesterday evening, I squirmed periodically throughout the service in fear over my next encounter of right-winged backlash.  For a while now, I’ve been avoiding Masses with high numbers of extreme Trump supporters, so my husband and I attend the San Fernando Cathedral where it is mostly Latino, or I also attend nearby masses totally in Spanish.  I can rest assure that the hard-right (not all conservatives) will not attend services in Spanish because many of them (not all conservatives) hate Latino people.

The same people who whine about “their freedoms being taken away,” Merry Christmas being removed, and the Ten Commandments not existing in every classroom are the same people who want to strip away the rights and freedoms of others unlike themselves.

Let’s take a look at a few examples. In this recent news interview with Joyann Reid on MSNBC, she speaks of criminalizing expectant mothers and their doctors and how dangerous it is to meddle with reproductive healthcare. Since Roe was overturned, and abortion has been criminalized in many states, women’s lives, health, and human dignity have been endangered and even some of their doctors in some cases. Placing rape victims in danger is not “pro-life,” but since the assaults don’t apply to those who are opposing it, they don’t care what kind of pain and suffering others unlike themselves have to endure as long as they don’t have to deal with it personally, ie, the far extreme right.

Study: Rape-exceptions fail to provide ‘reasonable’ abortion access in states with bans (

Then we have those people on the far extreme right who don’t have transgender children.  Many (not all) of them are trying to impose restrictions of gender-affirming care which can and does saves lives in certain cases.   Let’s review a video about the backlash on these innocent families. Trans Youth Are Under Attack ( In the video, the expert and speaker, Samantha Bee, addresses the truth of the matter, that there are efforts to criminalize healthcare for transgender children that can save lives in certain cases.  Samanthan Bee compared removing banning gender-affirming care to banning chemotherapy for childhood cancer.  Chris Christie, a Republican, supports parents’ rights of transgender children.  Parental rights are actually a historical Republican value. And do you think hard-right Republicans would want their genitals inspected the way they are requiring the genitals of trans youth to be inspected? No! would they ever allow such a practice!


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Then we have the banning of books.  The far right wants the freedom to read whatever they want and to force public schools to require certain types of literature like the Bible, but they want to ban books that oppose their viewpoints.  A new MTV documentary called “The ABC’s of Book Banning” sheds the truth on this modern-day yet historical practice which also occurred during World War II.

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Although this isn’t the last thing the far right of the GOP wants to ban for others but not themselves, let’s look at other potential hard-earned civil rights which have happened since the 1960s. Governor Gavin Newsome of California speaks of “American in Reverse.” He’s right-on target!


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