Don the Con Man; He’s Now Selling Bibles!

Don the Con Man; He’s Now Selling Bibles! March 27, 2024

As I woke up this morning to hear the latest on the news, Trump is now selling Bibles.  Yes, it is ridiculous.  The day in and day out drama and con artistry from this man are something to behold.

Let’s take a little walk down memory lane to review Trump’s unholy mix of religion and politics convoluted with the Holy Word of God and how he cons Christians of a certain demographic.

The first time Trump had a publicized encounter with the Bible was on his inauguration day.  Abraham Lincoln’s Bible was one of Trump’s inauguration Bibles.  According to reporters, Trump’s mother gave him a Bible back in 1955.  Let’s see if his mother’s faith stuck with him.

Fast forward to St. John’s Church in Lafayette Park of 2020.  Directly after Trump held up a Bible in front of St John’s Church, he used military force with tear gas to push away peaceful protestors.  For many Christians, this was a sacrilege to  the Christian faith. To me as a disability practitioner, the observance of a sacrilege started the day Trump mocked the disabled reporter.

Then, throughout Trump’s presidency and beyond, he proclaims the Christian faith while acting antithetically to the teachings of Christ and continuously cons Christians of far-right political leanings.  Let’s take a look at the history from a friend of mine named John Woodman who is a strong Christian, father of six, husband, published author, and researcher wrote this about the state of the American Church and our nation.  I have added in some of my own observations. “Christ stood for truth; Trump told and still tells thousands of lies. This is easily proven by anyone who tested his words. Christ says we are all created equal; Trump dog-whistled to white supremacists and told the Proud Boys to “stand back and stand by.” Christ stood for faithfulness; Trump had multiple affairs, multiple wives, and cheated with a porn star while his wife (a model) was pregnant with their child. Now we know that his connections to the porn star are allegedly connected to election interference. Christ stood for the poor; Trump passed a massive wealth transfer from the middle class and working poor to his rich donors. Christ spoke of kindness to your fellow man; Trump’s leadership has been and still is marked by bullying and intimidation. Christ said that leaders should be servants of all; Trump demanded absolute loyalty and made every effort to destroy anyone who would not bow before him. Christ spoke of purity; Trump bragged that he could grab women by the pussy — and had more than 20 women who all testified (2 Cor. 13:1) that he had sexually assaulted them.  Trump has now been convicted of several sexual assault cases.  As a direct result of electing the man that we chose — whom many Christians also claimed was “God’s chosen” (Isaiah 5:20) — America experienced a massive toll of approximately 600,000 deaths, well over half of which were entirely unnecessary. As well as an economic crash that nations such as South Korea, who managed the pandemic really well, did not experience at all.  Trump now has over 91 criminal indictments and now faces his first criminal trial at the end of March 2024.

So to raise money for Trump’s legal battles, he is now selling Bibles.  Conservative Christians of the far right, if you haven’t’ figured out by now that Trump is an absolute conman, let’s take a look at my most favorite current video which illustrates this reality.


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