Helping A Family Member Through A Crisis

Helping A Family Member Through A Crisis March 22, 2018

Helping a troubled family member through a crisis is an extremely difficult process. Not only do you have to handle their emotions, but you also have to deal with your own. Seeing someone you love struggle with life is never easy, so there is no shame in becoming overwhelmed. Although it is important to take things one day at a time, it is also vital that you have a clear plan in place. This will help you to stay strong, clear-minded, and motivated when times are getting tough. Below are three helpful tips that you should include in your plans for the future.

Find creative ways to get your point across

If you have already sat down for plenty of talks with your troubled family member, perhaps now is the time to try a different approach. One option is to write them a heartfelt letter that outlines all of your feelings on the situation. Another idea is to focus your attention on building up your loved one’s levels of self-esteem. You could do this with a positive affirmation jar or a photo board. Alternatively, you could go all out with a striking whiteboard video that stars them in the leading role. It might take some time before you find an approach that works, but the most important thing is that you persevere.

Be considerate and empathetic

The next step is to be as sensitive and empathetic as possible. Even if you are unable to directly relate to the situation your loved one is in, it is still essential that you avoid jumping in with harsh judgments. Sometimes just listening closely is enough to show the other person that you care. Adopting a sensitive strategy will also come in handy when it comes to helping your troubled family member towards a brighter future. Instead of upsetting them with clumsy gestures, you will have a much better chance of getting them on board. For instance, if your loved one struggles with alcohol, you should consider buying them a breathalyzer for car journeys. Don’t worry, rather than getting an obvious machine; there are breathalyzers available that could easily be mistaken for something else. What better way for you to save your family member from embarrassment, whilst keeping them out of harm’s way? By looking to help them, as opposed to criticizing them, they will know that you are there for them and may be more likely to open up,or try to combat whatever issue they are facing.

Seek out professional help

If you are completely overwhelmed by the challenge that lies ahead of you, it might be a good idea to seek out professional help. If your loved one is willing, you should schedule regular appointments with a therapist or life coach. This is an important step to take if your family member is determined to take huge strides towards stability. Just make sure that you support your loved one through the process. Perhaps you could drive them to and from their appointments. Or, maybe you could even sit in on a session from time to time. In addition to this, you could purchase your loved one a wide range of self-help books. Before handing these books over, you should have a go at reading them independently. This will assist you in better understanding the situation that you are dealing with.

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