Merry Christmas! (Culture) War is Over If You Want It.

Merry Christmas! (Culture) War is Over If You Want It. December 24, 2014

Every year around Christmas I make my plea for folks from all spiritual walks to give up on the culture wars.

A great way to start is this week’s remarkable breakthrough with Cuba. It seems that Pope Francis is not content with upsetting the Cold Warriors in the Church. I can hardly wait to lead a Study Abroad to study the diversity of Cuba’s religious communities!  If the U.S. can turn the corner on 5o futile years of failed foreign policy and if we are counting, over 100 years of colonial interference in the Caribbean, certainly there can be more breakthroughs for this Christmas season? Here are just a few more things that Pope Francis can try to fix

  • Reign in the empty rhetorical bombs certain to entertain us during the next election cycle, especially if Catholic Jeb Bush is forced to move right from even more Catholic Rick Santorum–are you running again Rick? It was so much fun the first time
  • Work towards helping the evangelical brethren understand that what people believe and how people act are often very different things, and the most important of these is not to lose sight of the priorities of Jesus in the midst of eternal arguments over the identity of Jesus.
  • Most of all Pope Francis needs to keep talking, keep preaching, keep speaking truth to that most entrenched of powers–religious folks who make a living at being-well–religious folks and have lost sight of “weeping with those who weep” and instead hide beneath a pile of papers, and if I may add, blog posts. These culture warriors have made themselves rich and their lobbyists richer, but it has done very little other than to alienate a generation of young people who inherited a war and have decided that they no longer want to play.

Feliz Navidad!

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