A Prayer for 9/11

A Prayer for 9/11 September 9, 2011

From the far coast we remember the anniversary of the horror and grief and carnage of  the attack on the United States by terrorists, O Gentle and Powerful Holy One, and we pray that we will be part of the repair work to be poured out on the wounds in our world:

  • Give us open eyes to notice the grief and separations that keep human beings from love.
  • Give us open ears to hear the longings and wounds that prompt others made in God’s image to keep their distance.
  • Give us strong legs and agile feet to seek out those who are fearful  and therefore full of hate.
  • Give us limber and wide arms to welcome those who who are broken and those who stay at a distance.
  • Give us creative and lively minds to keep searching for the things that make for peace in the world.
  • Give us the ample, forgiving and tenacious Love of Jesus for the world God made.

We ask this for your Love’s sake. Amen.

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