Forgiven forever

Forgiven forever January 26, 2015

“Just think about it. How many of your sins were in the future when Christ died? All of them. Is there any verse that says sins before salvation and sins after salvation are treated differently by the cross? Of course not! By that flawed logic, the gospel gets worse after salvation, with the cross having a weaker effect on sins after conversion. Ridiculous! By that thinking, we’d be better off becoming Christians on our deathbeds so that we don’t build up too many sins as saved people. The finished work of Jesus is simpler than all of that. The fact is that our entire lifetime of sins was taken away two thousand years ago. We are not people who can be forgiven or might be forgiven or will be forgiven. We are forgiven people, forever: ‘By one offering [Jesus] has perfected for all time those who are sanctifies.’ (Heb. 10:14 NASB)”

(from “Heaven is Now”)


"Vaporous carrots and barbed, acid-dipped sticks, IMHO."

Disappointment in Heaven?
"The core of unbelievers is death? What does that even mean, it doesn't even make ..."

Disappointment in Heaven?
"Bookmarking this for future use.Admirably succinct and to the point."

Disappointment in Heaven?
"Once saved always saved is heresy."

Once Saved, Always Saved?

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