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Irritated by Palm Sunday

Being a Pharisee is good business: you represent the reaction to the secular Romans and the liberal Sadducees. You can peddle apocalypse and fear. You can develop a counter-culture that can be quite lucrative.

Pilgrim's Road Trip

Christian Seders?

Should Christians participate in church-run Seders?

Uncommon God, Common Good

Do We Approach Jesus with an Open Hand or a Closed Fist?

Not everyone marks Palm Sunday well.

Theology in the Raw

The Blessing of Leprosy

Perhaps living in a culture that's so thickly insulated with comfort and ridiculous affluence is one of the fattest roadblocks to having faith in God.

Bible and Culture

Fear Based Thinking vs. Faith Based Thinking

In an age of fear-based thinking, and trust me, since 9/11 America has been binging on fear-based thinking, sometimes people have even forgotten what faith looks like.

Warren Throckmorton

Does the Liberty University Wing of the GOP Appeal to the Masses?

I am not excited about a theocrat as a representative of the GOP, and I suspect most of the electorate won't buy it either.

The Anxious Bench

Messiahs by the Sackful

"You Jews produce messiahs by the sackful!"

Brandon D. Smith

Did Jesus Think He Was God?

Jesus places himself at the center of the Jewish hope that YHWH would return to Zion.

Christian Crier

Why Is Baptism So Important For Christians?

In order to identify yourself with Jesus, you should be baptized by the method taught in the Bible.