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Preventing Grace

To Self-Identify as a Christian

The attempt to define the kind and the flavor of one’s Christianity, while useful in theological signaling, might be kind of useless as we go forward. The peculiarities of doctrine and division don’t really matter to the outsider.

Roger E. Olson

My Second Principle: Only I Can Decide What Is True (for Me)

It is the responsibility of mature persons to decide for themselves what is true and in fact, whether they know it or not, people do always decide for themselves what is true.

Jesus Creed

Inerrancy: Albert Mohler, Jr.

Many of inerrancy’s proponents don’t believe simpler words — like truth, truthful, trustworthy — adequately express what is to be believed about the Bible. So there is an Inerrancy Debate.

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Hillsong: Let Hope Rise Trailer
Hillsong: Let Hope Rise Trailer