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Editor's Choice

Uncommon God, Common Good

Wounded Healers (Part 2)

While Jesus prepares his disciples for the reality of suffering—and from which we should not shrink back, we are not blessed for suffering as such, but for our union with Jesus, which entails suffering.

Jackson Wu

The Yin-Yang of Contextualization

The male students in my class agreed, “The Bible says that men are more important than women.” In Chinese culture, one never wants to provoke a teacher, but that is exactly what they did that day.

The Anxious Bench

Of Pastors and Power: Mark Driscoll and the Avignon Papacy

Driscoll’s obsession with pastoral power–the “first among equals,” as he wrote–reminds me of medieval arguments for papal primacy (which seems really ironic to me, given Driscoll’s rejection of his Catholic background).

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BEN-HUR 2016 Trailer | Paramount Pictures
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