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It Can End Well

Nobody can escape hard times and failure, not even kings and the "lucky." Knowing this makes the injustice and troubles of life somehow bearable.

The Anxious Bench

Datin the Gnostics

Through rhetorical necessity, Gnostics had to present their religious systems as at least as authoritative as those of the mainstream churches, rather than as later innovations.

Brandon D. Smith

Trolls, Slacktivism, and Having a Conversation

Let's face it: blogs are used as bully pulpits far too often, inside and outside the Church. I've been guilty of it. I bet you have, too.

Esquared media network

Devotions with Small Children in the Mix

Do you have young kids? If so, it's very important that you have family devotions with them. Here are some helpful pointers on how to do that.

Jesus Creed

Thoughts on Spiritual Formation

What, then, is spiritual maturity? The spiritual disciplines, a life of holiness, life in the Spirit, a life of social activism, a life of personal devotion, and the sacramental life.

Warren Throckmorton

Relevant Mag Does Not Try to Learn from Mars Hill Exiles

So Mars Hill was the brand? Those familiar with the church, especially those in the media and communications team, know that Driscoll called himself the brand.

Soapbox Redemption

A Christian and an Atheist on God and Government

If we're aiming to legislate from universal principles, we should reason from universal principles.

Good Letters

Mama and The Help

"How come we don't have a maid?" I asked my mother. It was the summer of 1973 and I was five.

Bible and Culture

The Animals went in Two by Two

What has made Mesopotamian flood stories so interesting to readers of the Bible has been their undeniable relationship to the biblical story.