Hypergrace March 23, 2015

Now, if anyone says this total forgiveness teaching is going ‘light on sin,’ it’s not. It’s actually going heavy on sin. The wages of sin is death, not God being hacked off at you for five minutes until you apologize, like some suggest. So sin is serious, with death as the only just penalty. But Jesus died, so he paid that penalty in full, and that’s the message of the gospel. Some say that this much grace is too radical, so it simply can’t be right. Well, I’m not sure how you tone down grace! Some call this total forgiveness message ‘hypergrace.’ Well, yeah, I’m pretty hyper about it, and you should be too! Then others say it’s ‘cheap grace.’ Well, it’s better than cheap. It’s free. Yes, it did cost Jesus his life, so it was very expensive at the start. But now that it has been purchased and paid for in full, this gift of total forgiveness is much better than cheap. It’s absolutely free!

(from “Relaxing With God”)

"Vaporous carrots and barbed, acid-dipped sticks, IMHO."

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